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RAS Pre New Exam Syllabus in English, Hindi-2015

RAS Pre New Exam Syllabus in English, Hindi: Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC), Ajmer has issued New Pattern or Scheme of RAS Pre 2013 and RAS Pre 2015-16 from year 2013 onwards Examination and Syllabus for Rajasthan State and Subordinate Services Combined Competitive (Preliminary) Examination-2013.

RAS Pre New Exam Syllabus:

History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Rajasthan

– Major Landmarks in the History of Rajasthan, Major Dynasties, their Administrative and Revenue System. Socio-cultural Issues.

– Freedom Movement , Political Awakening and Integration

– Salient features of Architecture – Forts and Monuments

– Arts, Paintings and Handicrafts.

– Important Works of Rajasthani literature. Local Dialects

– Fairs, Festivals, Folk Music and Folk Dances.

– Rajsathani Culture, Traditions and Heritage.

– Religious Movements, Saints& Lok devtas of Rajasthan.

– Important Tourist Places.

– Leading Personalities of Rajasthan.

Indian History

Ancient & Medieval Period:

– Salient features and Major Landmarks of Ancient and Medieval India

– Art, Culture, Literature and Architecture.

– Major Dynasties, Their Administrative System. Socio-Economic Conditions, Prominent Movements.

Modern Period:

– Modern Indian history (from about the middle of the eighteenth century until the present)- significant events, personalities and issues.

– The Freedom Struggle & Indian National Movement- its various stages and important contributors and contributions from different parts of the country.

– Social and Religious Reform movements in the 19th and 20th century.

– Post-independence consolidation and reorganization within the country.

Geography of World and India

World Geography:

– Broad Physical features.

– Environmental and Ecological Issues.

– Wildlife and Bio-diversity.

– International Waterways.

– Major Industrial Regions.

Geography of India:

– Broad physical features and Major physio graphic divisions.

– Agriculture and Agro based Activities.

– Minerals – Iron, Manganese, Coal, Oil & Gas, Atomic minerals.

– Major Industries and Industrial development.

– Transportation– major transport corridors.

– Natural Resources.

– Environmental Problems and Ecological Issues.


Geography of Rajasthan

– Broad physical features and Major physiographic divisions.

– Natural Resource of Rajasthan-

– Climate, Natural Vegetation, Forests, Wildlife and Bio-diversity

– Major irrigation projects.

– Mines and Minerals.

– Population.

– Major Industries and Potential for Industrial Development.

Indian Constitution, Political System &Governance

– Constitutional Development & Indian Constitution :

Government of India Acts: 1919 and 1935, Constituent Assembly, Nature of Indian Constitution; Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State, Fundamental Duties, Federal Structure, Constitutional Amendments, Emergency Provisions, Public Interest Litigation (P.I.L.) and Judicial Review.

– Indian Political System and Governance :

– Nature of Indian State, Democracy in India, Reorganization of States, Coalition Governments, Political Parties, National Integration.

– Union and State Executive; Union and State Legislative, Judiciary

– President, Parliament, Supreme Court, Election Commission, Comptroller and Auditor General, Planning Commission, National Development Council, Central Vigilence Commission (CVC), Central Iinformation Commission , Lokpal, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).

– Local Self Government & Panchayati Raj

– Public Policy & Rights

– National Public Policy as a welfare state.

– Various Legal Rights and Citizen Charter.

Political and Administrative System of Rajasthan

– Governor, Chief Minister, State Assembly, High Court, Rajasthan Public Service Commission, District Administration, State Human Rights Commission, Lokayukt, State Election Commission, State Information Commission.

– Public Policy, Legal Rights and Citizen Charter

Economic Concepts and Indian Economy

Basic Concepts of Economics

– Basic Knowledge of Budgeting, Banking, Public Finance, National Income, Growth and Development

– Accounting- Concept, Tools and Uses in Administration

– Stock Exchange and Share Market

– Fiscal and Monetary Policies

– Subsidies, Public Distribution System

– e-Commerce

– Inflation- Concept, Impact and Control Mechanism

Economic Development & Planning : –


– 5 Year Plans – Objectives, Strategies and Achievements.

– Major Sectors of Economy- Agriculture, Industry, Service and Trade- Current Status, Issues & initiatives.

– Major Economic Problems and Government Initiatives. Economic Reforms and Liberalization

Human Resource and Economic Development :-

– Human Development Index

– Poverty and Unemployment:- Concept, Types, Causes, Remedies and Current Flagship Schemes.

Social Justice and Empowerment:-

Provisions for Weaker Sections.

Economy of Rajasthan

– Macro overview of Economy.

– Major Agricultural, Industrial and Service Sector Issues.

– Growth, Development and Planning.

– Infrastructure & Resources.

– Major Development Projects.

– Programmes and Schemes- Government Welfare Schemes for SC/ST/Backward Class/Minorities/Disabled Persons, Destitute, Women, Children, Old Age People, Farmers & Labourers.


Science & Technology

– Basics of Everyday Science.

– Electronics, Computers, Information and Communication Technology.

– Space Technology including Satellites.

– Defence Technology.

– Nanotechnology.

– Human body, Food and Nutrition, Health care.

– Environmental and Ecological Changes and its Impacts.

– Biodiversity, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering.

– Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry and Animal Husbandry with special reference to Rajasthan.

– Development of Science and Technology in Rajasthan.

Reasoning & Mental Ability

Logical Reasoning (Deductive, Inductive, Abductive):

Statement and Assumptions, Statement and Argument, Statements and Conclusion, Courses of Action.

Analytical Reasoning.

Mental Ability :

Number series, Letter series, Odd man out, Coding-Decoding, Problems relating to Relations, Shapes and their sub sections.

Basic Numeracy :

– Elementary knowledge of Mathematical and Statistical Analysis.

– Number System, Order of Magnitude, Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Simple and Compound Interest, Data Analysis (Tables, Bar diagram, Line graph, Pie-chart).

Current Affairs

– Major Current Events and Issues of State(Rajsathan), National and International Importance

– Persons and Places in reccent news

– Games and Sports related Activities



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