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Computer knowledge & Awareness for Bank Exams & Govt Jobs Exam 2016

Computer knowledge – In the Computer knowledge section here we are with latest Computer Awareness questions and Answers and all the notes for Computer knowledge.

Computer knowledge & Computer Awareness

Computer knowledge & Computer Awareness

Computer knowledge & Computer Awareness

The students or Candidates or any other person who are finding computer knowledge quizzes, questions, notes on the internet, Then this page will most be helpful for you.

You know that in this era, The Computer is most influential part of our life. That solve almost every problem related to Calculation, Accounts, Education and so on.

Here in this article we have a huge collection of Computer knowledge. Computer Awareness is also part of Computer knowledge. If you are looking for latest updates Computer knowledge quizzes then you are right now.

In today’s examination pattern every competitive exam syllabus have Computer knowledge part or subject in the exam scheme. So all the students should prepare Computer knowledge better and so better, To get good marks in exam paper.

Our Computer knowledge and Computer Awareness quiz have consist of the following queries.

Computer knowledge Quiz

  • Computer knowledge awareness questions and answers.
  • In this Computer knowledge 100+ more quizzes available.
  • Computer quiz for Bank exams, Govt jobs exams, private exams, IBPS, SBI, Clerk and PO jobs, RPSC exams etc.
  • MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) pattern in this Computer knowledge.
  • There are till now total 10 most asked Computer Knowledge questions available.
  • More computer awareness questions will be update in this same article. Check back everyday.

Computer Awareness Questions with Answers

Q-1. WWW stands for ?

  1. World Whole Web
  2. Wide World Web
  3. Web World Wide
  4. World Wide Web

Ans: World Wide Web


Q-2. Which one of the following is similar to sending an email?

  1. Creating a drawing
  2. Picturing an event
  3. Narrating a story
  4. Writing a letter

Ans: Writing a letter


Q-3. Tiny droplets of colored ink and nozzle is associated with ?

  1. Dot matrix
  2. Laser Printer
  3. Inkjet printer
  4. Daisy wheel printer

Ans: Inkjet printer


Q-4. Which parameter defines number of times electron beam scans screen in a second ?

  1. Data transfer rate
  2. Refresh rate
  3. Pitch rate
  4. Parity rate

Ans: Refresh rate


Q-5. Latest version of internet protocol is_________.

  1. IPv4
  2. IPv5
  3. IPv6
  4. IPv7

Ans: IPv6


Q-6. Last part of an Internet Protocol address (IP address) is known as _____________.

  1. Unicast
  2. Multicast
  3. Broadcast
  4. Network address
  5. Subnet mask

Ans: Broadcast


Q-7. As per Google program policies, may disable your Gmail account permanently if you don’t check your Gmail email for a period of __________?

  1. 6 Months
  2. 9 Months
  3. 12 Months
  4. Google program policies that, may not disable your Gmail account permanently without your permission
  5. None of these

Ans: 9 Months


Q-8. Full form (abbreviation) of term ‘IMAP’?

  1. Internet Main Access Protocol
  2. Internet Message Access Protocol
  3. Internal Message Access Protocol
  4. Internal Main Access Protocol
  5. None of these

Ans: Internet Message Access Protocol


Q-9. What is Gmail’s Daily Limit on Sending Email? to a maximum of _________recipients per day through the Gmail website?

  1. 500 recipients per day
  2. 1000 recipients per day
  3. 10000 recipients per day
  4. No Limit on Sending Email through the Gmail website
  5. None of these

Ans: 500 recipients per day



Q-10. _________is a software application used in internet technology for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web.

  1. WWW
  2. Google
  3. Web browser
  4. Internet Protocol
  5. None of these

Ans: Web browser


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